Memory Chips are Essential for Video Surveillance Cameras?

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For the past few years, video surveillance cameras have become an important part of our life whether in a business center or in our homes. Inside these cameras, the memory chip is a very important part of the technology that helps us to view what the cameras witnessed and recorded. The videos and the images that are captured sometimes prove to be very critical review film and hence, it is imperative to ensure that the images captured are crystal-clear. Moreover, the images and the videos captured are also used for the purpose of proving someone’s crime and these devices are subject to cyberattacks. Therefore, it is essential to have the cameras and the memory chips cutting-edge and secured. Various experts have now highlighted the importance of data security in the video surveillance domain, the importance of secured memory chips, and the key requirements to boost the sector. Nowadays, protecting communities, businesses, and homes from external threats has turned out to be an urgent need of the hour for many.  Hence, the Security Products Group in India wanted to undertake a study on the key security products which comprise CCTV Camera Systems, Recorders (DVR/NVR) & Access Control Systems. The aim is to target a 20-25% percent share of the global market of USD 60 Bn by 2025.

As there is so much dependence on the surveillance system, there can be a serious threat of data loss in case of system failure or some external hacking. Commercial and residential utilization of security cameras needs the recordings to be well-documented and completely secure so that information cannot be lost easily. The Feedback Advisory report recently mentioned that the global Surveillance & Access Control market size was ~USD 43 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach ~USD 66-67 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 8.9% during the forecast period.

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